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The Sanctuary isn't just a place to attend church, there are plenty of those to go around. We aren’t about growing numbers either. We are about growing Christians. There are four carefully chosen words that embody our church philosophy — reach, belong, grow, and serve. These four simple words completely describe the process of coming to God. 


The church reaches for people who are in need and hungry for God — those who are wrestling with the age-old idea that there has got to be more than what they are experiencing in life. Everything The Sanctuary does must harmonize with our mission and it must include outreach in its design.


Come and you will find that The Sanctuary is a place and a family that you can immediately belong to.


We are committed to helping you grow in your knowledge and relationship with the Almighty God. There is great teaching at The Sanctuary that will change your life.


Once you've come to understand the tremendous life-changing work that God has accomplished in you, it's time for you to allow Him to do the same for others through you. We are called as Christians to be servants before anything else. We work hard to make sure there is a ministry you can be involved in, be fulfilled through and support the work of the Kingdom.

The Church requires great participation in order to truly pursue its purpose. There is always room for more volunteers and there is a place for you to get involved. We are passionate about helping people find the and utilize the gifts that God has put in their lives. By being gift conscious we help people find opportunities that are productive and personally fulfilling. Let us help find the right place for you.


Elective Courses


You will want to go through the Foundations class. Presented by a diverse group of instructors, this series is exciting and enlightening.

If you are a grounded Christian, you will learn things about the Bible and walking with God that you never knew. If you are a new Christian just finding your way, Foundations will give you a jump start equal to years of Christian experience and education.

You will absolutely love the Foundations class.

The Blessing of Boundaries

The Blessing of Boundaries is a life-changing course that will open your eyes to the incredible double-standards of our culture while giving you new insight into God's original lifestyle plans for His people.

This class takes place in a small group setting where discussion and questions are welcomed. The boundaries that God established for His people are there for protection and blessing — find out why!

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