Vision + Values




Our vision is to be that place where people are drawn to God for a lifetime — experiencing consistent spiritual, numerical and organizational growth.



The psalmist David opened his collection of songs with a description of the strength of a tree planted by the waters of a river. His description implies that the tree was strong because of the roots it was able to thrust deep into the ground as a result of its location. The Sanctuary is passionate about helping people to become disciples like the tree of Psalm 1 — deeply rooted and stronger than the next storm.


Doctrine matters. It matters what you believe and it matters that you know what God’s Word says with respect to the issues of our day. Even more important, it matters what the Bible says about being saved and God’s plan of salvation. The Sanctuary is commited to being doctrinally sound.


Everyone,  absolutely every Christian is called to the work of an evangelist. To evangelize means simply to advocate for a cause that is greater than yourself. That cause is the cause of Christ and His cause was humanity’s plight of hopeless tomorrows and a future to fear. Everyone is different and will evangelize in their own way, but we are all called to advocate for the cause of Christ.


The 1st Century church (which we strive to imitate) was a church absolutely dependent upon the followship of the saints. The earliest strategy for growth is found in Acts chapter 2. They went daily from house to house “breaking bread.” That’s a picture of fellowship with each other and fellowship with God as their purpose was to engage in evangelism and worship.

Lifestyle Worship

Worship reserved for the church environment only is a hallmark of shallow Christianity. God’s Word instructs Christians to Love the One True God with all of our heart, soul and mind. That is a description of a lifestyle of worship, worship that defines our daily lives. Worship not limited to a set of songs at church, but doing all things as unto the Lord. That is lifestyle worship.


Before any other calling of God is placed upon a Christian, the call to service comes. The Christian who is unwiling to serve God and people is unworthy of any form of leadership in the Kingdom. Jesus said the least shall be the greatest and the one who wishes to be great — let him first be a servant. The Sanctuary values service. It is a core value that helps to define us.