The Sanctuary Diaper DRIVE



The Sanctuary Diaper Ministry is here to help Families who are struggling to provide diapers for their little ones. Located in New Castle Indiana.

Mo Troxell

Mo Troxell is a Nanny. While watching the baby in her care, God began to speak to her. Babies go through a lot of diapers. Diapers can be expensive, for some more than others. God began to do a work in Mo’s heart. She knew she needed to step up and do something to help young mama’s, single mama’s, young dads, and care takers in general. With the hope of taking some financial stress off of these caretakers, she began to pray and then took her burden and ideas to Pastor and Sis Jaco. That burden is now a ministry called "The Sanctuary Diaper Ministry".

If you know families that are struggling to provide diapers for their baby, send them to this page or message us. We will be posting information on how to donate for the cause.